10 Fall Favorites (Collab w/ ErikaSummers22)

Find out what I'm loving this fall!
I'm so excited to do my first collab! This is with the CF/natural youtuber, ErikaSummers22. She's also on IG, so check her out if you haven't! We came up with 10 categories to share what our favorite fall things are. My responses are below and you can see hers in this video!


Red Apple Lipstick - Ooh La La ($23.50) 

I feel like I really owe you all a RAL review because I made my order a month ago and I promised a review "soon" in my lipstick brand list, but things have been moving slowly for me on the blogging front. Apologies! Anywho, all you need to know is that the hype is real with this brand and this color is a great everyday fall one.

I ordered Ooh La La and Audrey, and the formula of Ooh La La is drier/more matte than Audrey, but still comfortable to wear. Ooh La La is a "dusty rose" but it leans more mauvey-purple on me.



The All Natural Face - Everyday is a Good Day ($5.75) 

I'm not a huge blush person, but this one is cheap and it works. The orange color is very autumnal, imo.


Brija Cosmetics - Mulled Wine ($1.45)

Another affordable pick! I've had this sample baggy for awhile and it's still going strong. The full size is affordable too, $5.50. Mulled Wine is a shimmery dark plum color. I like wearing it paired with Strive.


100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation ($42.00)

I saw someone else post 100% Pure samples on IG, so I asked for this foundation sample when I visited my local store. If you don't have a store near you, their site does free shipping and returns. This is a high coverage, matte, liquid foundation that feels lightweight. And it doesn't look bad if I apply it with my fingers, so this is easy and quick for me to use. I go through foundation at a snail's pace (#collegelife) but eventually when I clear out my stash, this will be at the top of my wishlist!

Summery item

Red Apple Lipstick - Sunkissed ($16.50)

Apparently, the full size tube is on clearance right now! The sample pod retails for $3.50. Sunkissed is a red-coral color that looks more orange on the site than it does on me. I love how bright and pigmented this is and it leaves a stain behind. I wore it in that wedding photo I posted on IG and I had it on for ~4 hours at that point.

Swatches (L to R): 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation - Golden Peach // Brija Mulled Wine eyeshadow // The All Natural Face Everyday is a Good Day cream blush // Red Apple Lipstick Ooh La La lipstick // Red Apple Lipstick Sunkissed lipstick

#motd. FACE: 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation - Golden Peach // The All Natural Face Everyday is a Good Day cream blush. EYES: Silk Naturals Medium Ash brow powder // Brija Mulled Wine eyeshadow // The All Natural Face Liquid Eyeliner // 100% Pure Maracuja Mascara. LIPS: Red Apple Lipstick Ooh La La lipstick


Lauren Brooke Colorfusion Lip Glaze - Candied Plum* ($9.00)

I forgot to include this in the photos, so here's the photo from my Cruelty Free For You & Me fall box review. I am utterly devoted to lipstick, but I ended up really liking this lipgloss. It's wonderfully not thick or sticky! Yay. Only bummer is it has beeswax, making it not vegan.



100% Pure Herbal Detox Mask* ($32.00)

I've been masking less lately because of school, so when I do get the energy to mask, it's a lot more special with this one. I think I have around 10 face masks in my collection right now and this is my favorite! Might not be the best for sensitive skin because it is more on the intense side, but I love the clean and refreshing feeling it gives. And the smell is great! I did a review of this mask, along with the aqua boost one, here.


100% Pure Body Whipped Body Butter* ($25.00)

This is a rich body butter that is more moisturizing than a lotion, but also doesn't feel super heavy. The texture is good year round, but I think it's extra great for the cooler months. I'm not a fan of natural body butters that are solid and need to be warmed up (such as Ellovi), so I love 100% Pure's. If you liked the texture of The Body Shop body butters, I'd recommend trying these for a healthier option!

Clothing/Fashion item

Steve Madden boots

I got these dark green boots last year at DSW. I don't know the name, but they're basically if Troopa boots had a back zipper. I looove combat boots. I have a pair of Doc Martens that I wore throughout high school, but I gravitate toward less bulky boots now. Most of Steve Madden's shoes are leather, which I now want to avoid, so if you have recommendations for high quality vegan boots, let me know! Also, I'm a size 5 which adds to the struggle ;__;


Yogi Green Tea ($3.39)

I used to be obsessed with Starbucks' holiday drinks, but I've lowered my sugar intake the past year and most Sbux drinks are too sweet for me to handle now. Soooo here's a boring tea! I drink tea mostly in the cooler months because I don't like iced tea and I hate waiting for tea to cool, haha. I've just tried Yogi for the first time -- this one is just plain green tea -- but I like it and am planning on trying more flavors! Oh and it's organic.

Don't forget to check out Erika's video on her fall faves!
Feel free to let me know what your picks would be, or to do a post/video and share it with me! I'd love to hear what you are loving :)

*PR sample

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  1. Anonymous10/27/2015

    Awe I love Yogi tea and Lauren Brooke Cosmetics! Wonderful post!

  2. Anonymous10/27/2015

    Awe I love Yogi tea and Lauren Brooke Cosmetics! Wonderful post!

  3. Such a cute post Amy! I ordered ohh la la after seeing so many raves about it! I haven't tried brija yet, but I feel I need to put a big order in to have more affordable options for people :) xoxo!!

    1. Thanks love! I encourage you to try Brija! I think having affordable options is important :)

  4. Love the body butters from 100% pure - their formulas are the best for the butters! Ooh la la is my absolute jam! Yay I see you got the lip glaze in their too, I really love the brand because the formula is amazing! Totally wish they were vegan too... Maybe one day!