Unboxing/Review: Cruelty Free For You & Me Subscription Box (Fall 2015)

Photo of Cruelty Free For You & Me subscription box.
Cruelty Free For You & Me is a new seasonal subscription box containing cruelty-free, green beauty products, along with goodies for your dogs. Their first box just launched and I got a chance to try it out!

Photo of Cruelty Free For You & Me subscription box.

Cruelty Free For You & Me: Fall Box*

About the box:
- Price is $49.99 (average value ~$100)
- Seasonal; new box every 3 months
- Up to 6 full size products.
- Cruelty-free and natural. Most beauty products are vegan, but not all. Dog goodies will range from organic treats to eco-friendly toys.

To find out more, you can visit their site here, or follow them @crueltyfree4youandme.

This box was curated by the blogger, Shermeen of BeautyinAmin, and I think she did a great job including a wide range of products and brands. The dog portion is curated by her dogs :)

Photo of Cruelty Free For You & Me subscription box.


$49.99 seems like a lot compared to monthly boxes that are $10-$20, but this box is full size products, not sample sizes. Also, the box itself is fancy - thick, sturdy, magnetic closure. It's more of a gift box than a packaging box since it ships with a mailer covering it. I love this because I'll definitely reuse it for storage, whereas I only reuse my Petit Vour boxes to mail packages.


And to bring the cost lower, I have a coupon to share with you!
--> This link will get you $5 off a box.
It's good until October 14th or after it has been redeemed 3 times, meaning the first 3 of my readers to use it will get the discount.

Photo of Cruelty Free For You & Me subscription box dog treats.

For the dog: 

- Max & Ruffy's | 327 B.C. Banana & Coconut Flavor, Grain Free ($5.25)
- Complete Natural Nutrition | Cheese Please ($5)

Both of these treats are healthy with minimal ingredients. The Max & Ruffy's treats are organic and the Complete Natural Nutrition ones are only one ingredient.

If you don't have a dog, you can still consider getting this box and giving the dog products to a friend. This box was mostly beauty products (5 beauty products vs. 2 dog products) so that could be a pro/con depending on what you're looking for.

Since I don't have a dog, I passed on the treats to my friend's dog, Spec. He seemed to like them!

Photo of Cruelty Free For You & Me subscription box dog treats.

Photo of Cruelty Free For You & Me subscription box beauty products.

For the human:

- Red Apple Lipstick | Gluten Free Mineral Eye Shadow: Down to Earth ($13)
- Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques | Colourfusion Lip Glaze: Candied Plum ($9)
- Brija Cosmetics | Cream Blush: Riveting ($9.25)
- Skinveda | Rose Sesame Firming Masque ($36.75)
- Pure Natural Diva | Polished Organic Sugar Scrub: Diva ($32)

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick Down to Earth Eyeshadow.

Red Apple Lipstick Eyeshadow: super pigmented and buttery! I already know RAL is a high quality, reputable brand so I was happy to see one of their products included. This was one of my favorite finds in the box. Down to Earth is a shimmery copper color (swatches are at the end of this post). It's only the pan, so you'll need to pop this into an empty palette. 

Photo of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Candied Plum Lip Glaze.

*Not vegan*

Lauren Brooke Lip Glaze: Another great find. I don't like lip gloss, but I'm happy with this because it's moisturizing, smooth, and not sticky. You twist the bottom and the product comes out of the rubber tip. Candied Plum is a sheer, glossy mauve-plum color. It works well on its own or on top of other lip products without feeling too thick.

Photo of Brija Cosmetics Riveting Cream Blush.

Brija Cosmetics Cream Blush: I'm familiar with Brija, but I haven't tried their cream blush yet. Brija is an affordable brand, run by Brianna of iluvjesse444. I love that this box includes smaller, indie brands such as this one. This cream blush has a light consistency that works for lips and cheeks. Riveting is a similar color to the RAL eyeshadow, but more warm toned and not as shimmery. You might call it rose gold, depending on your definition of rose gold (I think it's not quite pink enough haha).

Photo of Pure Natural Diva Scrub and Skinveda Mask.

Pure Natural Diva Scrub: This is your standard sugar scrub that will exfoliate and moisturize your body. I think the unique part is the scent, which has notes of sandalwood and vanilla. A very fall appropriate scent that reminds me of pumpkin spice.

Skinveda Mask: This is a ready-to-go mask (no mixing required) that smells strongly of roses. It dries quickly so it's good for a quick masking session, and is more on the gentle side. My skin felt more hydrated and balanced after using it.

Swatches of Lauren Brooke Candied Plum Lip Glaze, Brija Riveting Cream Blush, and Red Apple Lipstick Down to Earth Eyshadow.
Swatches: Lauren Brooke Candied Plum Lip Glaze | Brija Riveting Cream Blush | Red Apple Lipstick Down to Earth Eyeshadow

Here are swatches of the makeup and below is a photo with them on my face! On the left photo, I'm wearing the lip glaze on its own and on the right, it's on top of Silk Naturals Marsala Lipstick. I think the makeup products coordinate well together and make a nice neutral fall look.

Makeup of the day featuring beauty products from Cruelty Free For You & Me Fall Box.
FOTD using the makeup from the Cruelty Free For You & Me Fall Box.


- Not vegan
I think the only non-vegan beauty product was the lip glaze, so I wonder how difficult it would be to make all the beauty products vegan. I don't know anything about vegan dog diets, so I won't comment on that. But if the point of the box is to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle and to spread love to your dogs, I think it would be great if that animal love was taken a step further by providing vegan beauty products. Don't get me wrong, a lot of subscription boxes are not cruelty-free, so I applaud this one for what it's doing, but it would make me even more happy if it became more vegan-friendly in the future.

- Inflated value?
This box's value totals to $110.25, which is a good deal for the $50 you pay. However, I feel like it's a little inflated by overpriced products such as the body scrub and face mask. I liked those two products, but I wasn't wowed by them and would not spend $30+ on them. Still, I think the box as a whole is worth the $50.

It's a unique idea for a box that is perfect for beauty & dog lovers, but it's also appropriate for dog-less people like me because there's a lot of beauty products included. I will be making use of all the products, which is great! The beauty products have some seasonal elements (warm colors and scents for fall) while still being widely flattering and usable.

*PR Sample

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  1. Great review, love the swatches and pictures too!

  2. The worst part of it was that the software only worked intermittently and the data was not accurate. You obviously canot confront anyone about what you have discovered if the information is not right. cruelty free makeup brands