About Me

Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm a recent UC Berkeley Film & Rhetoric grad, working in social media marketing -- if you'd like to hire me, I'd love to hear from you ;). During college, I became more aware of what I was putting in my body and in January 2015, I eradicated my beauty collection for natural, non-toxic alternatives.

I'm also passionate about equality and animal rights. I've been vegetarian since college (Berkeley does that to ya) and it became a no-brainer to support cruelty-free brands when I saw how easy it was to simultaneously support green and animal friendly companies. I am proud to say that I now only purchase from cruelty-free brands. I also have a soft spot for vegan products since I plan on going vegan some day!

Here on this blog, I will share reviews of the cruelty-free, natural products I use. I always make an effort to be as critical as I can and find flaws to make up for the bloggers who write glowing reviews about everything.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay at rosegoldpanda.com :)