Petit Vour: May 2015 Box Review // Unboxing June Box

Photo of Petit Vour May 2015 box

Take a peek into Petit Vour's May and June boxes!

Petit Vour is a $15/month subscription box that features natural, cruelty-free, vegan beauty products. I did a thorough overview of it, here.

Petit Vour May 2015 Box

Lippygirl Lipstick ($23)
I was so excited for this because I love lipsticks and have been waiting to receive one in a box! Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of this (full review here) but I'm glad I got to try it. I know some people were disappointed in the colors they got - the colors sent ranged from pinks to nudes to reds. I was okay with my color, but wasn't a fan of the formula. Lippygirl commented on my IG post and acknowledged issues with lipsticks getting damaged, so hopefully that gets sorted out. Until then, it's unlikely that I would buy another Lippygirl lipstick.

Nyl Shimmer Scrub ($11)
I hate this scrub. I dislike shimmer and this is quite shimmery. It might be a fun product for a special event or a beach day, but it's unnecessary for me. Also, I didn't like the scrub aspect either because it didn't do much for me in terms of exfoliating or moisturizing. It has a light citrus scent, but I like stronger scents in my bodycare.

Zabana Essentials Dry Shampoo ($9.95)
I've never heard of this brand so I'm glad I discovered them, because it seems they do a lot of different products for reasonable prices. I haven't used this enough to give a solid review of its effectiveness, but it doesn't leave a whitecast on my hair and the shimmer isn't noticeable. There's a slight coconut scent, but it doesn't linger. I'll continue to test this out and I also have the Acure Dry Shampoo to test and compare it to.

Mun Toner
Made my skin smooth and smelled nice, but $68 toners aren't my priority. I dislike receiving small samples like this, but I guess they had to fill up the box somehow ;P

I'm always up for trying a lipstick and if PV had a lipstick in every box, I would be a happy girl! The dry shampoo was another useful addition, and while I'm not as happy with the toner and shimmer scrub, they're still things I used.

Petit Vour June 2015 Box

Photo of Petit Vour June 2015 box

100% Pure Facial Cleansing Brush ($9)
I'm not sure whether this brush is intended for daily use or less frequent use. It feels a little abrasive to me, so I'm still experimenting with how to use it. Seeing as how we just got a konjac sponge in April's box, I'm bummed to see another face cleansing tool.

Fior Minerals Organic Eyeliner ($18)
I got this eyeliner in brown, but a few different colors were sent out. I like how creamy it is, but I've had some trouble sharpening it. Other than that, it seems to perform well.

Meow Meow Tweet Face Cleanser ($9)
Subscribers were sent either this face cleanser or a spot serum. I was more interested in the serum, but I'm fine with the cleanser because I love the glass bottle and the cute label. I've never used a cleanser this liquidy, but it's gentle and I haven't noticed any adverse effects yet.

Jacq's Organics Green Smoothie Scrub & Masque ($17.50)
I've used this twice so far and I like the texture because it's easy to form into a thick paste. It's also sort of bumpy, so it doubles as a scrub when rinsing.

Photo of 100% Pure Facial Cleansing Brush, Fior Minerals Organic Eyeliner, Meow Meow Tweet Face Cleanser, Jacq's Organics Green Smoothie Scrub & Masque.
Petit Vour June Box contents

I'm pleased with the sizes of the samples (no small/single use ones!) and with the value of this month. I'm okay with the fact that 3/4 items were skincare, but would have appreciated more variety.

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