Review: Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Lipstick in Boss Lady

Photo of Lippy Girl lipstick in Boss Lady.

This Lippygirl lipstick came in May's Petit Vour box, but I'm giving it an individual review because I love talking about lipsticks :)

Lippy Girl Lipstick in Boss Lady lip swatch

Lippy Girl Lipstick - Boss Lady

Price: $23.00

Ingredients: vegan, organic, dye-free

Boss Lady is a matte, brick red with orange undertones.

Con: Lipstick is prone to breaking. 
A lot of people seem to have the problem of breaking the lipstick upon the first use, so I'm not sure why the company hasn't solved that. On their website it says "We recommend you only raise the bullet in the tube minimally when applying, as they are very soft and creamy." but I wasn't doing anything crazy with the lipstick and it still broke.

Con: Pigmentation
Pigmentation is on the sheer side. It's buildable, so ordinarily this would not be a huge problem, but since I'm layering on a wobbly lipstick, it's cumbersome. Based on other reviews, my impression is that many of their colors run sheer like this one.

Con: Texture
If you look closely at my photos, you can see small bumps on the surface of the lipstick. Not sure if this has to do with it being natural or if I got a bad batch, but I didn't like this. In general, I also found the texture to be on the stiff side.

Pro: Long lasting and not drying.
It's not particularly moisturizing, but it wears comfortably.

Pro: Color range
These lipsticks come in 12 different shades, including a purple. The only scenario I can imagine buying another of these lipsticks is if they're discounted or if I'm getting a more unique color.

Another note: the scent is waxy smelling, not sweet or fruity.

Photo of Lippy Girl Lipstick in Boss Lady with swatch.
Swatch: Lippy Girl Lipstick in Boss Lady. Left = heavy application, Right = light application.

I don't think this lipstick performed like a $23 product. I was expecting better pigmentation and a more luxurious formula for the price. I also find the lipstick breaking to be a big con.

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