Review & Swatches: 100% Pure Eye Creamstick & Vitamint

Photo of 100% Pure Eye Creamsticks and Vitamints.
Cute makeup pencils for your eyes and lips! Read on for the review and swatches.

The Eye Creamsticks and Vitamints come in the same chubby pencil packaging that twists up at the bottom. Here is what they look like when you twist it all up. The entire tube isn't filled, but it's got about as much product as your typical lipstick.

Photo of 100% Pure Eye Creamstick and Vitamint twisted all the way up.

When you first open them, the tips are marked with a "P" which is a cute touch. Here's a photo I posted on my Instagram for National Lipstick Day.

Photo of 100% Pure Vitamints.
Photo of 100% Pure Eye Creamsticks.

100% Pure Eye Creamstick*

Price: $25.00

Cruelty-free and vegan.

These make putting on eyeshadow soooo easy! The creamy base blends out nicely without needing brushes and I think the shimmer helps tie the look together and make it look not as harsh (these all have shimmer). If you want to use more than one creamstick at a time, they blend into each other well too. And they work as eyeliners! They're too chubby to fit in my waterline, but it looks great on the lashline and lasts amazingly there.

These aren't super creamy, but they're creamy enough to be gentle on the eyelid. The con would be that you do need to apply a few layers to build up the pigmentation, but I don't mind because I'm still saving time compared to using brushes. Plus, they stay put! These last around 6 hours on me before creasing which is a feat. I have yet to find a natural primer that works for me, but if you wore this with a primer, it would probably last all day. You can also try putting a powder eyeshadow on top, but that hasn't increased the wear-time for me, personally.

Photo of 100% Pure Eye Creamstick swatches.
100% Pure Eye Creamstick Swatches (L to R): Forest | Eggplant | Susie's Favorite | Ecru Glimmer | Naked Glimmer

I'm missing the Light eye creamstick which is a white color, but here's all the other shades:

*Naked Glimmer: A super versatile gold that would probably flatter most skin tones. I love it on my slightly tan skin because it's the perfect pop of shimmer, especially on the lower lashline!

*Ecru Glimmer: A rosy brown. This pairs well with Naked Glimmer for a neutral look.

*Susie's Favorite: A silvery taupe. A more unique color that's still neutral.

*Eggplant: A dark brownish-black with purple tones. I had a hard time with this one. I would only recommend this if you're good with smokey eyes because the purple tones can give off a not cute bruise effect. For me, this is a much more high maintenance color compared to the rest, so it was my least favorite.

*Forest: A beautiful green with orangey-brown tones. I've never worn green eyeshadow, but this is gorgeous on the lids. I posted a #motd pic on my Instagram wearing this on the lids and Naked Glimmer on the crease.

Photo of 100% Pure Vitamints.

100% Pure Vitamint*

Price: $25.00

Cruelty-free and vegan.

These are sheer lip crayons with a slight minty smell/feel when you first apply them. I'll take minty lipstick over waxy smelling lipstick any day! The only other 100% Pure lip product I've tried is their Peach Lip Glaze (which I reviewed here during my first month of blogging!). Compared to the lip glaze, these are more sheer but more moisturizing.

The pigmentation varies between the colors. You can build up most of them to be quite bright. Also, because these are sheer, the color will depend on what your natural lip color is. I agree with Rawdorable who said in her review that Peachy and Cake are a little more creamy and dense than the others. If you follow her, you know that she wears the Vitamints regularly, so she knows her stuff! I've also been taking a tip from her feed and experimenting with pairing different Vitamints together.

Since the pigmentation varies, the wear-time also varies. The Butterscotch color fades on me within an hour, but the moisturizing effect sticks around for a few hours more. The darker colors last longer, especially because they stain my lips.

Photo of 100% Pure Vitamint swatches.
100% Pure Vitamint Swatches (L to R): Vino | Cherry Tomato | Dragon Fruit | Cake | Peachy | Butterscotch

*Butterscotch: Looks like a nude-brown color in the stick, but doesn't add much color to my lips. It makes them slightly more nude. Would only recommend if you're truly looking for a very sheer, natural looking color.

*Peachy: A bright pale pink. Goes on a lot more opaque than Butterscotch. Peachy and Cake have a bit more of a creamy consistency compared to the others which feel light and glossy.

*Cake: A bright medium-toned pink. Similar to Peachy in pigmentation.

*Dragon Fruit: A hot pink. I was surprised by how bold this one was!

*Cherry Tomato: A pinkish-red color. It's more on the sheer side and would be a good red for people afraid of reds.

*Vino: A red with slightly mauve tones. One of the more pigmented ones.

*Note* The darker colors, especially Dragon Fruit and Vino, may stain, so the lip swatches are not 100% accurate since I did all the swatches in a row.

Photo of 100% Pure Vitamint lip swatches.
100% Pure Vitamint Lip Swatches: Butterscotch | Peachy | Cake | Dragon Fruit | Cherry Tomato | Vino


The Eye Creamsticks are my favorite natural eyeshadow I've tried so far!! I love the colors, the staying power, and how easy they are to use. My favorites are Naked Glimmer and Forest.

I like the Vitamints in general, but some colors impress me a lot more than others. It depends on how much pigmentation you're looking for. My favorites are Dragon Fruit and Vino.

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