Review: Acure Brightening Facial Scrub & Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Here's my first installment of my series of Acure reviews. New ones will be posted every week, so come back for more!

Photo of Acure ingredients
Acure Brightening Facial Scrub: Ingredients
Vegan, cruelty-free
paraben free, sulfate free, silicone free, phthalate free, synthetic fragrance free, gluten free

Photo of Acure Brightening Facial Scrub
^ new packaging

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

Price: $9.99

Online:, Vitacost, iHerb, Pharmaca
In stores: Target, Whole Foods

This was my first Acure product and it remains one of my favorites from the brand. It's not much more expensive than what I was previously using (got it for ~$7 on Vitacost) but it works better than any other scrub I've tried and it's natural! Also, I've been working on the same tube since January and it's still going strong, five months later, talk about great value!

How I use it:
3 times a week, in the shower. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover my face, with a little extra that I use on my neck and hands.

Why I like it:
- texture has perfect amount of grit for a satisfying exfoliation
- not harsh or drying
- leaves face smooth and refreshed
- decreases my redness and fades my acne scars
- unique sea/herbal scent that I find relaxing

Fact: Many scrubs contain Polyethylene a.k.a. plastic as the exfoliating ingredient. Watch out for mysterious "microbeads" which are polluting the earth and killing fishies!
Acure's scrub exfoliates using sea kelp :)

In short, it's hard to imagine how this scrub could be any better.

Acure Facial Scrub = MUST TRY

Photo of Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask
^ new packaging

Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

Price: $12.99 

Online:, Vitacost, iHerb, Pharmaca
In stores: Whole Foods

The scrub and mask share a lot of ingredients, the same dark green coloring, and scent. I do like the mask, but I don't think it's as remarkable as the scrub.

How I use it:
About once a week, I'll put this on my face for 30 minutes, although directions say to go 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I alternate between this one and The Little Alchemist: Cacao and Banana Face Glow, or sometimes I use both in the same week (on different days).

Why I like it:
- It's convenient. 
The squeeze tube makes for easy application and it's ready to go, so no mixing required.
- It's gentle and moisturizing.
It doesn't harden up as much as other masks, so this could be good for those with sensitive skin or those who don't want an intensive mask. It rinses off like a cleanser and then I'm left with nice, soft skin.

This was actually my first face mask, so if you're new to masks, this is a good one to start with, since it's easy to use and non-offensive. Also, if you like the scrub, you'll probably like this too!

Acure Facial Mask = good to have

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  1. Oh this is a very nice review! My parcel was just released by the customs and it also contains this scrub! Your review makes me happy that I bought it! :D

    1. Yay, you'll love it! :)

      -Amy / rosegoldpanda

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