Red Apple Lipstick Review + Swatches

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks

Hello :) It feels so long since I’ve blogged! Short explanation: school, gloomy weather, holidays, and only having time/energy for the simplest of routines has made it difficult for me to get excited about beauty the past few months. But I really want to continue posting, so here I am, with a Red Apple Lipstick post I planned awhile back but never got around to typing up. Better late than never! I hope you enjoy <3

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick packaging 

Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks

Price: $23.50

Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Allergen Free • Vegan • Mineral Based • Cruelty Free

I got these lipsticks for a fantastic deal by combining RAL's Labor Day sale with a BOGO offer. I ended up paying $25 for two lipsticks and some samples, and for that price, I would definitely recommend them. They have since become some of my go-to lipsticks so I would consider buying them full price, but getting them on sale sweetens the deal :)

I have also tried one of their eyeshadows, which was beautifully pigmented and buttery. Their eyeshadows come in single pans, so you can create your own palettes. I don’t need any more eyeshadows, but they've got a pretty wide selection so if you're looking for some, check 'em out! Based on my experiences with a few of the brand's items and reviews from others, I get the impression that Red Apple Lipstick is a high quality, trustworthy brand.

Anyway, back to the lipsticks—

PACKAGING: I like it because it reminds me of traditional lipstick! It’s actually refreshing to have a classic black tube around because all my other lipsticks are various other shapes and sizes. The packaging has a bit of weight to it too, so it doesn't feel cheap.

SCENT: Slightly fruity. I feel like some of my shades smell more than others, so it might vary, but either way it doesn’t bother me.

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks in Audrey and Ooh La La.


RAL has a few different formulas for their lipsticks and I wanted to be “safe” with my choices, so I chose Audrey, which I think is their most popular color. It’s a little too pink for my taste, but I still like it and the formula, Summer Passions, is super smooth and moisturizing. I understand the hype around this color and think it's a good place to start with if the color interests you and you've never tried this brand.

Ooh La La

Ooh La La is another color that had the “top seller” designation on their website. On me, it looks slightly purple, mauvey-brown. I featured it in my fall favorites, but it’s not too dark that I wouldn’t wear it all year. I prefer this color over Audrey, but I prefer Audrey's formula. Ooh La La has the Satin Formula, which is more matte and doesn't give the same amount of slip as Audrey. It's not drying in general, but it's drying by comparison.

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick samples in Naughty, Hollypeno, and Sunkissed.
Red Apple Lipstick sample pods: Naughty, Hollypeno, Sunkissed

You can get these sample pods for $3.50 a piece. It came with a helpful little lip brush and the pods have maybe around 5-7 uses. It's sealed in the back with a sticker that has the shade name on it.


Naughty is a nude mauve that is kinda in between Audrey and Ooh La La. Naughty has the X-Series Formula, which to me felt similar to Ooh La La's satin formula, but it was hard for me to get a total feel of the formula since I didn't get to apply it directly from a bullet.


Sunkissed is a bright, orangey red. It was on clearance when I did my Fall Favorites post and I think it's discontinued now. But it’s super pigmented and long lasting.


Hollypeno is a bright, bright red. It has the Satin Formula, like Ooh La La. I like how neutral toned it is because a lot of my red lipsticks lean pink or orange. Plus, it's vegan and dye free which is awesome!

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick lip swatches in Naughty, Audrey, Ooh La La, Sunkissed, and Hollypeno.
Red Apple Lipstick swatches: Naughty, Audrey, Ooh La La, Sunkissed, Hollypeno

Here are swatches of all the lipsticks!

Note: the order of the lip swatches (Naughty, Audrey, Ooh La La) is different from the arm swatch (Audrey, Ooh La La, Naughty).

Photo of Red Apple Lipstick lipstick swatches in Audrey, Ooh La La, Naughty, and Sunkissed.
Red Apple Lipstick swatches: Audrey, Ooh La La, Naughty, Sunkissed, Hollypeno

Overall: I love these lipsticks and would highly recommend them!

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  1. These lipsticks look beautiful on you! I've been dying to try red apple lipstick for so long and especially love the colors Audrey and Ooh La La.

  2. What gorgeous shades! I think Naughty and Audrey are my favorites. They all look great on you! Thank you for introducing a brand I've never heard of :) Can't wait to try it.

  3. LOVE Red Apple Lipstick! Audrey is my all-time favorite!