Review: GoPure Rosehip Oil

Photo of GoPure Rosehip Oil.

Is all rosehip oil the same?

Photo of GoPure Rosehip Oil.

GoPure Rosehip Oil*

Price: $13.95

I was interested in reviewing this because I loved Acure's rosehip oil* and was curious about how this would compare. Acure's is $12.99 for 1 ounce, while GoPure is $13.95 for 4 ounces. Seems like a good deal right? Well, I definitely noticed a big difference in the quality between the two.

1. The Color & Smell
The color is a very light yellow, while Acure's is bright orange. On GoPure's product page, they say "Our Rosehip is Cold Pressed Therefore it is a Light Honey Color, not dark red-orange." I'm no expert in cold pressing, but Acure's oil is also cold pressed and the color is way different and it has a stronger grassy smell. This combined with the fact that GoPure's scent is very subdued, almost scentless, makes me question how pure the oil is. Also, who would want to trust a company that can't capitalize correctly...?

2. Organic?
On the bottle, it says "certified organic" but does not say who certified it. This oil is sold on both Amazon and another site called Cleopatra's Choice. On the other site, it says certified by the USDA, but it does not say that on Amazon or on the packaging. I find this inconsistency a little suspicious.

3. No refrigeration note
Rosehip oil needs to be refrigerated to remain fresh and stable, but there is no note about that anywhere. It makes me question how much these people really know about their product. They have paragraphs and paragraphs about all the wonderful uses this oil has but have nothing about refrigeration. Moreover, they claim that it has a 3 year shelf life. What. That is way too long. To my knowledge, rosehip oil lasts up to 2 years if refrigerated and 6 months if not.

4. Performance
This oil was not as moisturizing as Acure's and did not repair my skin to the same effect. GoPure's directions say that you should apply it 2-3 times a day and that it may take some time to see results. After a week of using this, I didn't see any results and I didn't want to waste my time any more. With using the Acure oil just once a day, I saw almost immediate results. Plus, I prefer Acure's pump packaging.

Overall, I would not recommend GoPure's oil and will definitely be sticking to brands I find more trustworthy.

*PR Sample

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