Silk Naturals Review #3: Bronzers & Eyeshadows

I wanted some bronzers and more eyeshadows, so here's another Silk Naturals haul!

Most of the makeup I own is now Silk Naturals because it's cheap, effective, natural, and vegan-friendly! You can read my previous reviews on lipstick and a variety of samples if you're curious about more of their products.

Bronzer ($0.99-$1.50)

These are all sample sizes. I intended to use the bronzer for contouring so I picked up one of their new contour powders which were released earlier this year. I also got some of their original bronzers since I've seen those recommended by other bloggers.

- Hula Honey
Shimmery and makes me look really tan, which isn't a look I go for. The shimmer is more apparent than in the swatches, so if you like shimmer, you might like this. I'll probably end up using it to dust over the other bronzers or on top of eyeshadows. You may notice that everything else in this haul is matte because I'm a matte lover!

- Tahiti Sweetie
Matte version of Hula Honey. I like it, but I think the Shady Lady blends a little easier and works better as a contour. The two are different shades though; the Shady Lady is more taupey and cool toned.

- #2 Shady Lady
The Shady Lady contour powders are "absolutely matte, provide just a little bit of coverage, and contain HD Microspheres so they blend beautifully." These are also supposedly dupes of many Anastasia colors (#2 is supposed to be a dupe for Fawn). I do think this blends well and gives a beautiful color and depth, making it a great contour option. My favorite out of the 3!

Eyeshadow ($4.50)

Pros: Better than my Pacifica ones, in terms of pigmentation and staying power - still some fading, but pretty good overall.

Cons: Loose powders are inconvenient. The little jars can become annoying to store and use when you have a bunch of them. This is why I've been experimenting with pressing.

Backstory: I needed some Wet n Wild Vanity palette dupes, which were my go-to shadows before going natural. I chose "Bone" to dupe the cream color, and "Manor" for the warm brown. They aren't exactly the same, but together they still create a nice look.

Wearing: Silk Naturals "Bone" on lids, "Manor" in crease, Medium Ash brow powder, and Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner in Raven.

- Bone
This is like a less intense version of the matte white shadow I previously hauled called "Void." On my skin, this doesn't look as yellow toned as it does in the jar, which disappoints me.

- Manor
Part of Silk Naturals' UD Naked 2 Basics dupe collection.
It's a matte, warm toned brown. This is pretty but I'll still be on the look-out for something warmer.

- Mousse
Part of Silk Naturals' UD Naked Basics dupe collection.
Sorry, I didn't get a chance to swatch this before pressing it...and I didn't do a good job pressing it, but that's a whole other story. It's another matte brown that is more neutral than "Manor."

- Medium Ash Brow Powder
I had a sample of this and needed to get a full size. I might try the brow gel next time just to compare, but I'm very satisfied with this powder :)

Silk Naturals Swatches: Hula Honey bronzer, Tahiti Sweetie bronzer, #2 Shady Lady contour powder, Manor eyeshadow, Bone eyeshadow, Medium Ash brow powder

Silk Naturals Pressing Kit

I also purchased the Pressing Kit, so stay tuned for a review of that in the future!

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