Preview: Acure Organics Brand Overview

Photo of Acure Organics products

Maybe you've seen this brand at Target. Maybe you've seen bloggers rave about a certain Brightening Facial Scrub. If you've never tried this brand or are curious about their products, you better keep an eye on this blog ;) Tons of Acure reviews will be up over the next weeks!

Photo of Acure Organics products

**The products above were sent to me by Acure.

Yes, Acure sent me the stuff above, but I've also got a bunch of products to show that I purchased myself long ago. My goal is not to turn my blog into an Acure advertisement, but to share more about this brand with you and to highlight what its standout products are.

EDIT: You can find my brand overview post, here.

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  1. I received a body lotion I asked for in #greenbeautyswap and I love it! x

    1. I've been loving my lotion as well! I'm just not a fan of the lemongrass scent, but I want to try out the other scents in the future!