My Summer Goals

Take a peek at my current personal goals and how I'll be improving the blog/myself, this summer.

School's out and I have no obligations. 

My college is filled with high-achieving, competitive students so it's unusual that I don't have an internship to go to or some equivalent plan.

I didn't have any luck with the internships I applied to and I didn't wanna look for one just to have one. Also, most of my peers have a general career path, but I'm pretty lost, so that doesn't help with job searches (yes, my humanities majors are to blame here).

But thanks to this blog, I'm not bitter. In the couple months I've had this blog, I've found that it's probably the perfect hobby for me. This is why I'm fine with "taking the summer off" to work on my blog, amongst other things, and to get a better sense of myself.

  •  Planning / Organization
    I'm on my way to being a #planneraddict. I hope to take notes about future posts and what needs to be done. Also, to evenly schedule posts and always have ideas on hands.
  • Photography
    Have a more cohesive style emerge. Learn how to use Canon 7D better (it's my bf's).

  • Learn it
    I can use Premiere reasonably well, but I've put off learning Photoshop because I was intimidated. I'm not expecting any mastery by summer's end, but I'd at least like to know how to make more edits than I can achieve in vscocam haha.

  • Practice it
    My strange fascination with all things Swedish resulted in me taking Swedish for 1.5 years. I stopped this year, but I'd like to brush up on it. Maintaining it is hard because: I don't have anyone to converse with, books on it aren't plentiful, and neither are films that I can easily find. I guess I'll be talking to myself a lot and listening to the Swedish Frozen soundtrack.

  • Honors Thesis
    My tentative topic is the representation of pedophilia in cinema.
    A simple google search yielded ~40 relevant film titles, so I've got a lot of digging to do. I haven't even watched or read Lolita yet! If you're wondering what sparked this interest, it was the Todd Solondz film, Happiness, combined with my interest in sexuality studies.

  • Finish my screenplay
    I took a screenwriting class last semester in which we outlined a feature length script and wrote the first 20 pages (a completed script is ~120 pgs). Finishing it isn't super high on my priority list, but I'd like to see at least some progress by summer's end.

  • Sell stuff on eBay
    I don't have much closet/room space, so I get the feeling that I own too much stuff pretty often. Time to remedy that and make some $.
  • Going on a low-buy
    Gonna ask myself "do you really need that?" more intensely because I've accumulated a lot of beauty products lately. Don't worry though, I have plenty of things to review ;)

I hope you enjoyed reading!
Let me know what some of your goals are :)

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