Natural Hair Dye: Naturtint

Goodbye (for now) purple hair!
Here's my experience with Naturtint 7N Hazelnut Blonde hair dye.


No: ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, heavy metals, artificial fragrances, SLS, and formaldehyde derivatives.


I dye my hair a lot, so I should find natural options for my never-ending habit. I’m not ready to venture into henna yet, but I think Naturtint is an okay compromise. I’m honestly not that knowledgeable about hair dye ingredients, but at least this doesn't smell like overwhelming chemicals and is cruelty-free!


This works just like any other box dye. You mix the developer and the color, apply it to your hair, wait and wash it out.

Before (crappy bathroom pic) & After (me in the sun at my bf's graduation)

BEFORE: The top section was black, my natural hair color. And the rest was bleached prior to being purple, which then faded to pink
My hair is seldom one color because I get lazy with it (that's not an intentional ombre, haha).

AFTER: The top was lightened to a warm brown that is still dark, but noticeably lighter than it was before. The rest became something that resembled the box color, more or less, depending on how bleached it was before, underneath the pink.

I’m pleased with the results. Given my hair history, it's hard to tell how well the color deposited and how long it's lasting, but I do like how it lightened my dark hair and evened out my previously bleached hair.

The Aftermath

My hair was in decent condition beforehand, but this was much more drying than I expected, considering there wasn't a huge color change. 

The dye comes with a shampoo and conditioner to use after, but I don’t think they helped much. It's been a week and my hair is almost back to normal, thanks to using the Acure Root + Hair Deep Repair Mask as my conditioner, along with avoiding shampoo and my hairbrush.


 "Naturtint's active plant-based ingredients bring back lost VITALITY and SHINE, even in damaged hair. Naturtint PROTECTS and REGENERATES hair fibers. Its hydrolyzed wheat peptides helps reduce hair breakage. Hair fibers appear smooth and soft, and radiate healthy shine."

Where is this heavenly hair I was promised??
If I'm being generous, I guess I can say that it gave some shine because my hair looked good in all the graduation photos. However, it didn't feel good.


The color looks fine, but the dye was more drying than I expected.

I would recommend this as an alternative to drugstore box dyes, but I'll still be looking into other natural brands.

Naturtint retails for $17.99. 
It's around $12 at Vitacost, iHerb, and Pharmaca.

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  2. Anonymous5/21/2022

    Did you use any toner?