Silk Naturals Review #2: Lots of Samples

I had mixed feelings about Silk Naturals lipsticks (read my review here), but I decided to try out some of their other products.


^ You can watch my video review or read below for recaps :)

Gel Eyeliner - Film Noir

Sample: $0.50 / Full size: $6.50

Not opaque black, on the dry side. Smudges easily and creases without primer. I tried it with the Stick 'em which helped a little, but still didn't really save it.
The site suggests setting with powder but I ain't got time for that.

Recommend? No

Silk Naturals HD Cream Foundation in G40, G30, G50

HD Cream Foundation - G30, G40, G50

Sample: $0.99 / Full size: $9.99

Easy to use and handy packaging (perfect for travel).
Decent amount of product and since I hardly wear foundation, this will last me awhile!

The foundation itself feels lightweight and has medium coverage.
It looks cakey if I use it on its own though, so I plan on buying something to set it with.

Recommend? Yes

Void Eyeshadow


Matte white. A little sheer on its own; much more opaque when I used it with the Stick 'Em Primer.
This was my first experience with loose eyeshadow, so I don't have a point of comparison, hence why I'm giving it a "maybe."

Recommend? Maybe

Void Eyeshadow. W/ Stick 'Em on the left; no primer of the right

Stick 'Em Eyeshadow Enhancer


Makes eyeshadows bolder and last a little longer, but also makes them harder to blend.
Eyeshadows still fade. If I'm out for a long time, like 8+ hours, I notice significant fading by the end of it. This is a liquid and you only need a tiny bit to spread over your lids, so this tube will last a long time. It's cheap and works to some extent, but I don't feel comfortable flat out recommending it before testing out other comparable natural primers.

If you're wondering, two other popular indie companies, The All Natural Face and Brija Cosmetics also sell eyeshadow bases which I'd like to try in the future.

Recommend? Maybe

Silk Naturals Brow Powder

Brow Powder - Medium Ash & Deep Brunette

Sample: $0.50 / Full Size: $4.50

Works well, no issues with fading.
I have black hair but prefer a softer brow, so Medium Ash is my color preference.
Tip: You can use these as eyeshadows too!

Recommend? Yes

Silk Naturals Velvet Matte Lipstick - Peplum

Velvet Matte Lipstick: Peplum

FREE surprise sample / Full size: $5.99

Comparable to MAC's Violetta (one of my old faves) except a bit darker.
I don't think I've ever been so happy with a random sample!
I like this better than the Marsala Velvet Matte Lipstick (completely different colors, but same formula) and would totally buy this one but it has FD&C color which I avoid :'(
Peplum looks great though, I might cave in and buy it if I don't find any dye-free alternatives.
Also, it was pretty fun applying lipstick from the cotton bud; I wish SN sold lipstick samples!

Recommend? Yes

Sparrow Eyeshadow

FREE sample of the week
Pastel pink, shimmery...not my kind of color. Haven't used it yet.


No: gel eyeliner.
Maybe: eyeshadow base and eyeshadow
Yes: brow powder, foundation, lipstick

I would highly suggest checking out Silk Naturals' samples! They all include a decent amount of product (enough for at least 1-2 weeks, or more if you don't wear makeup daily) and make it easy to test out different colors.

Silk Naturals site:

Instagram: @rosegoldpanda

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  1. I love Silk Naturals! Even shipping to the UK they are such good value. :) The Stick 'Em looks quite effective initally, even if it doesn't last all day xx

    1. Yes, Silk Naturals is great value and I'm so glad I found out about them! I'll definitely continue ordering from them hehe :)

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