Silk Naturals Lipstick Review

Silk Naturals is one of the most affordable natural/green makeup companies. Because I'm into lipsticks and needed to replace my MAC lipsticks, I decided to try out this company. They are well regarded by bloggers, have a decent color selection, and at $4-6 per lipstick, it doesn't hurt to try them out.

Read on for my detailed criticism!


Silk Naturals Lipsticks: Marsala, Eternal, Velma, Bramble

 As you can see above, these lipsticks swatch beautifully! When I first got these, I was excited by the swatches and happy with how they wore. But after I used them for a few days and the euphoria of finally wearing lipstick after trashing my toxic ones died down, I was left unimpressed. 
  • Slick Stick - Bramble - sheer purple ($4.50)
  • Vegan Lipstick -Velma - creamy peach ($5.75)
  • Vegan Lipstick -  Eternal - neutral pink nude ($5.75)
  • Velvet Matte Lipstick - Marsala - deep plummy red ($5.99)



These lipsticks come in slim tubes. I found that this made application more difficult, because there isn't as much precision as with a pointed bullet. Also, the stickers tend to come off! I understand that it's an indie company, but is it so hard to get labels that stay on?!

Formulation and Color


Slick Stick - lipglossy formula, pretty tacky, I hate lipglosses but bought Bramble because it's the only dye free purple they offer. I was disappointed by the purple color because it's quite pink-toned on my lips, which makes me dislike this all around.

Vegan Lipstick - in between the other two formulas, still has a slightly tacky feeling but much more like a lipstick than the Slick Stick. Velma disappointed because it doesn't look nearly as peachy on my lips. I'm dying to have an orange lipstick, but this one turned out too pink-toned as well. Eternal is my favorite lipstick of the bunch because it resembles my expectations the most.

Velvet Matte Lipstick - my favorite formulation of the three, because it doesn't feel sticky. However, Marsala, would get patchy quickly and because it's a dark color, it made me not want to wear it. Dark colors that don't maintain even application are gross, imo.

 I bought 3 different lipstick formulations and I don't like any of them! 
In the back of my mind, I feel like I'm being too harsh on these, since everyone seems to like them. I guess I'm just too picky!

Would I buy more?


Probably not. I dislike the formula and how they performed on my lips. I much prefer the Pacifica Devocean lipstick, but that costs $14. 

Recommended if you:


- aren't picky with your lip products 
- are new to green beauty
- looking to get a lot of colors on a budget

YouTube Review
I also uploaded a video version of this review! It's my first video and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but my boyfriend/editor put too many blue tones into the color correction, so the above photos are more accurate.

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