Review: Alba Botanica Towelettes & Even Advanced Moisturizer

These two products are cruelty-free, paraben and phthlate free, and have vegetarian ingredients (not marked vegan).
Read on for my review!

Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-in-1 Clean Towelettes - Pineapple Enzyme


$4.89 on Vitacost
Basically, I don't like anything about these wipes. 

They are pretty dry! If you wear a lot of makeup, I don't see it working well as a makeup remover. I just bought this to freshen up my face, but it does not leave a clean feeling! Leaves my face sticky

I don't have sensitive skin, but sometimes it stings the skin around my eye area and cheekbones. 

Synthetic fragrance free, but has a strong scent that smells like pineapple/papaya/tropical.

Recommend? No

Alba Botanica Even Advanced Natural Moisturizer Sea Moss - SPF 15


$10.29 on Vitacost

When I went natural, I needed to find a replacement for my Olay moisturizer w/ spf. This was not it. At $10, it is on the affordable side of natural skincare.

The sunscreen ingredients are: Homosalate, Octocrylene, and Ethylhexyl Salicylte. Chemical sunscreens are supposed to absorb better than physical ones, but this product took awhile to sink into my skin and left me feeling slightly sticky.

When it did sink in, my forehead would get very greasy part way through the day (I have "normal" skin). When paired with another moisturizer, it helped a lot with absorption. But if I'm gonna go through this trouble, I might as well just use normal sunscreen.

I didn't notice any difference in the evenness of my complexion, which is the product's main claim. Nor, did I feel it moisturized particularly well.

Not a fan of the added fragrance/parfum, especially because it doesn't even smell good!

Recommend? No


Both of these products were fails for me and I'll be avoiding this brand in the future.
Stay away from the wipes! The moisturizer might work for you, but I personally don't like it.

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