Introduction + Going Green

Hej, I'm Amy and I am starting this blog to document my move into green/natural beauty products.

Being a college student, I haven't really had the time or desire to care much about beauty products, but recently (at the start of this year) I took a major leap into removing toxic skincare, haircare, and makeup from my life. I made a big order on Vitacost, replaced a lot of my products with natural counterparts, and began seeking out natural blogs and youtubers.

It has been fun learning about new products! And I thought, hey, I can do this too, so here I am. I'm no expert on beauty or ingredients, and I can't afford to buy all the high-end eco luxury items, but what I can provide is honest reviews on relatively affordable products. You don't have to splash out to go green!

For reference: I do not buy beauty products with parabens, SLS, silicones, aluminum, synthetic dyes and fragrances...and the list keeps growing! I am also vegetarian and a supporter of animal rights, so all the products I buy now are cruelty-free as well. Because I am not vegan (yet), I can't guarantee that everything shown here will be vegan, but I like supporting vegan brands, and will try to note when products are vegan.

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