10 Cruelty-Free Favorites / #10daycrueltyfreechallenge

For April, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, I participated in the #10daycrueltyfreechallenge on Instagram.

Read on to learn more about my picks and my stance on cruelty-free products!

My initial reaction to the challenge was that I didn't have 10 CF favorites to recommend.

I have always been interested in CF products, but didn't have the willpower to research new brands to use. When I went natural in January, I knew that I was buying a lot of CF brands, but my main priority was the ingredients. I didn't realize that pretty much everything I've bought recently is CF. So it didn't end up being that hard to do the challenge :)

After doing this challenge, it has motivated me to check if things are cruelty-free and I am now fully committed to only buying CF products (and trying my best to avoid those that are 3rd party owned).

My Picks

Some of the products aren't "holy grail" status for me, but I tried to include budget-friendly options!

1. Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner - Raven

2. Method Body Wash

3. Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

4. Pacifica Devocean Lipstick - Firebird

5. Petit Vour Subscription Box

6. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub

7. Desert Essence Jojoba Oil

8. Schmidt's Deodorant - Bergamot and Lime

9. Every Man Jack Body Wash

10. Silk Naturals Samples

Cheers to being cruelty-free!


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